POSTCARD RACK of 20 different postcards installed at Lucky Laundromat

Last week I installed the ASK ME: TELL ME postcard rack at Lucky Laundromat.  There are 20 different postcards that were made by Jersey City residents including myself.  When I first began my Laundromat Project residency I researched the history of Jersey City and hung out at the Laundromat making drawings and talking to JC residents about the history of the neighborhood.  I turned some of those drawings into postcards.  You can read earlier entries about the historical tidbits I learned about–the geological and geographic configuration of Jersey City from the 17th to the 20th century, the history of different owners of the Lucky Laundromat site, previous businesses at Lucky etc.  The postcard series also includes drawings and photographs made by residents describing their view of how Jersey City has changed over the years and how gentrification is affecting their daily lives.  Other postcards excerpt portions of interviews and conversations I had with local laundromat goers.  Some of these are in English and some are in Spanish.  I am working on editing a video of  all the oral histories I recorded during my residency.  When the video is complete I will host a special screening at the Laundromat for the community.  In the meantime, stop by the Laundromat and check out the postcards.

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