An update (Nov.)

I’ve been stopping by Lucky once a week to check on the postcard rack and replenish when necessary.  The owner of the Laundromat has been so supportive. She loves the project and is really happy the postcards are there.  Gina, her daughter, has been telling me which are the most popular.  Also, some Laundromat goers have been adding  drawings and text to the postcards and putting them back on the rack.  Lourdes, who works at Lucky during the week, asked me to post some photos of her that I took with Lisa way back in July/August when I interviewed her about JC…So here they are…!

Lisa and Lourdes at Lucky Laundromat in August, 2011

Lisa tells me about how JC has changed since she moved here 5 years ago.

Another photo of Lourdes perusing the Postcard Rack.

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